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At IST-Academy we understand the evolution of the protective industries. Times have changed significantly in the last 30 years and the industry has evolved into a very different entity to what it was in the 1980´s and 1990´s.

Global trends have changed in almost every aspect of life - Communications, International Travel and Human Interaction have all developed at phenomenal speed.

In the past, a "Bodyguard" was a "Bodyguard", in the current era its much more than that, there are many different roles that a protection specialist must fill.

The Close Protection Operative (SIA CP), responsible for the safety and security of Executives, Celebrities, Public figueres and quite often, their family members, is a very different role to that of the protection specialist operating in a Hostile Environment such as the Middle East or North Africa (H.E.C.P.O).

The Female protectors role in Close Protection can be very different to that of the Male Protector.

Additional Skills such as IT competency, Languages, Driving, Medical and Defensive Tactics have also become very important to the Protection Specialist seeking employment.

At IST-Academy we recognise that these changes in everyday life have had a knock on affect, influencing the wants and the needs of prospective clients seeking to hire protection specialists.

Our portfolio of training Programs reflect this change.

All of our Close Protection Training Program options are SIA accredited, allowing the candidate to apply for a frontline SIA Close Protection Licence on successful completion of our programmes.

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