At IST-Academy we understand the evolution of the protective industries.

Times have changed significantly in the last 30 years and the industry has evolved into a very different entity to what it was in the 1980’s untill 9/11 occured.

Every industry has changed in this time and while many training providers have remained ingrained in the past, IST Academy as the name suggests, Intelligent Security Training, has adapted an "intelligent" approach.

Global trends have changed in almost every aspect of life – Communications, International Travel, Human Interaction and Social media have all developed at phenomenal speed with a considerable impact on security issues for private- and corporate clients.

The stereotypical ‘Bodyguard’ of the last decenia’s is being replaced by multi-tasking and multi-skilled operators that are able to fullfill many different roles in a given environment to satisfy the  often high pace and demands of VIP and HNW clients.

Etiquette, deportment, interpersonal skills,critical thinking, IT competency (Cyber/Social Media security), Languages, Driving skills, Medical training and Defensive skills have become very important to the Protection Specialist seeking employment and will be recognized byemployers as an added, (but necessary) value.

The Close Protection Operative (SIA CP), responsible for the safety and security of Executives, Celebrities, Public figures and quite often, their family members including children , is a very different role to that of the protection specialist operating in a Hostile Environment such as the Middle East or North Africa (H.E.C.P.O).

The Female protectors role in Close Protection can be very different to that of the Male Operatives for cultural and practical ‘female’ reasons

At IST-Academy we recognise that these changes in everyday life have had a knock on affect, influencing the wants and the needs of prospective clients seeking to hire protection specialists.

Our portfolio of training Programs reflect this change.

All of our Close Protection Training Program options are SIA compliant, allowing the candidate to apply for a frontline SIA Close Protection Licence on successful completion of our programmes.

Founded in 2010, IST Academy has been a consistent provider of SIA linked Close Protection Training to over 800 students from all parts of the globe.

Our instruction team are all industry and subject matter experts who are still active on the frontline. With a wealth of personal experience to draw on, our team can give you rare insights into the realities of the proffesion, its pro's and cons.

Our programs are fast paced and informative, providing knowledge and skills to both the novice and the seasoned professional wishing to update their skills and professional develoment.

We acknowledge that our clients are adults making an informed choice to attend a Close Protection training program and we threat clients as such from the very first contact.

About IST Academy

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SIA Compliant

Close Protection



Upon completion of our close protection program, the candidate will be eligible to apply for both the British SIA Close Protection licence

The course will use a balance of classroom based lectures with a maximum emphasis placed on realistic practical exercises performed in the field in order to provide the candidate with a comprehensive understanding of close protection operations globally



Hostile Environment Close Protection



The course is aimed at those wishing to advance themselves with this specialized niche within the security industry, those wishing to gain employment in HR zones, those working the executive circuit wishing to broaden their skillset and be capable of offering guidance and advice to their clients when travelling to High Risk locations on an ad hoc basis.

This course is perfect for those wishing to work in hostile environments and will prepare candidates and advance their knowledge in preparation for a PSD/PMC role.




The Purpose  of the First Person on Scene (FPOS) qualifications is to provide immediate life support to the patient pending the arrival of definitive pre-Hospital care.

Clinical endorsement for the FPOS qualifications is by the Royal College of Surgeons Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (Edinburgh). he qualifications and any additional units are valid for a period of 3 years. Periodic re-training and assessment for both the practical skills and supporting knowledge will therefore be required.


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