When it comes to Executive Protection / Bodyguard training, much of what you will learn during typical residential training programs will be theory in a classroom setting.

Executive Protection / Bodyguard training is as much mindset and knowledge as it is physical ability.

A properly constructed online Executive Protection Program can teach you a variety of valuable topics that you can utilize immediately.

Here at IST Academy online, we believe our online program has achieved this balance.

IST Academy’s Executive Protection online program consists of 30 modules that can be completed individually if the student has a specific skill set that they wish to upskill or enhance or alternatively, as part of a complete Certificate Program.

This method of learning is ideal for students who cannot be away from home to attend a Residential Executive Protection Program due to work, family commitments or because of COVID travel restrictions or simply don’t have the financial resources to do so.

IST Academy´s Online Executive Protection

Program is approximately 70% cheaper than tuition fees for the Residential EP Course.