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This IST-Academy Certified Anti-Terrorism Officers program is the most comprehensive Anti-terrorism training available in Europe at this present time.

The program is 15 hours in duration and is delivered through our e-learning portal or in class. This course provides students with the appropriate background, skills, and abilities to qualify as an Certified Anti Terrorism Officer (CATO) and conduct  Antiterrorism (AT) briefings to staff under your control.  

The course outlines the AT philosophy while detailing the duties and responsibilities of CATO's at secured facilities or installations around the world.  

The course discusses AT awareness, terrorist group operations, hostage-taking and survival, terrorist use of weapons of mass destruction, the threat of the active shooter, and the insider threat.  

The course also explores the anti terrorism plan through examination of physical security considerations, the anti terrorism planning process, and resource management.  


- Provide a definition of terrorism

- Recognize that terrorism prevention is the responsibility of all personnel.

- Develop a working knowledge of both domestic and foreign terrorist/extremist groups

- Understand that each terrorist incident is often preceded by  planning, surveillance and preparation

- Recognize, identify and understand various  indicators and warning signs exhibited by terrorists

- Identify the roles and responsibilities of an Anti Terrorism Officer

- Identify terrorism perspectives and terrorist group objectives

- State the general characteristics of terrorist operations

- Identify the techniques a hostage should use for surviving detention/active shooter scenarios

- Define an AT plan

- State the requirements for an Anti Terror plan

- Identify roles and responsibilities in creating an Anti Terror plan

- List reasons why exercising the Anti Terror plan is important

Duration:        15 hours

Delivery:         Lecture

Class size:       max 8

Prerequisites:  Active security personell

Accreditation: C.A.T.O Certificate Level 1.

Kit:                    Laptop  and internet access.

Certified Anti- Terrorism Officer

Increasing knowledge and heightening awareness of criminal and terrorist activities is the first step towards ensuring public safety and national security, Educating first responders on what signs they should be looking for is critical to supporting national security priorities.

A CATO will serve as the principal point of contact between their office and the emergency services.

On completion of this program, the CATO  is equipped to inform and educate stakeholders within his or her office, on terrorism trends, tactics and practices, thereby enhancing awareness and operational preparedness relating to terrorism.

In today's ever-changing world where events and activities across the globe have impact right here at home, it is vital that as security professionals,we collaborate.

This collaboration is required not only in the midst of an ongoing incident but also in the constant sharing of knowledge as we work tirelessly to protect our communities.

This training is a tangible and valuable example of this

The CATO program harmonizes the work of the security, safety and law enforcement communities in regard to preventing, investigating and responding to potential national security threats and terrorist activities


The program is entirely onine and costs €250

Enrollment is open at any time and you study at your own pace


Please CONTACT US for further information or to enroll