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IST Academy Specialist security training for Close Protection SIA approved

IST Academy offer three different options when it comes to Tactical Firearms Training.

From the absolute beginner to the seasoned professional requiring tactical training to prevent skill fade or gain a firearms competency certificate for their current employment.


All of our live fire options are held at our facility in Slovakia.


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firearms close protection training

This 3 day course will start with developing fundamental shooting skills.

This program is suitable for the complete novice, who has never shot a weapon before.

Starting with handgun mechanics and safety procedures, the student will soon advance to skills that will reduce reaction time – allowing for faster shooting with a higher degree of accuracy, thus increasing the student’s confidence with a handgun.


Ninety percent is practical training time to prepare students  to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations.


As with all of our live fire programs, this course is held at our live fire facility in Slovakia.


After a review and refresher of level I, this course aims to improve the  shooter’s core technical skills.

Emphasis is placed on one handed unsupported shooting and firearms manipulation. The survival mindset is ingrained through constant range applications as well as performance-based scenarios that are constantly being updated to reflect real-world conditions.

Tactical Handgun II is designed for the experienced pistol shooter who is seeking to take his marksmanship and gun handling skills to the next level. The student will be placed under stress with certain scenarios that will require the use of skills taught throughout the program.


As with all of our live fire programs, this course is held at our live fire facility in Slovakia.



This unique Pistol/Carbine course is the follow-on to Pistol II for the individual who needs to develop safe firearm-handling skills and a solid foundation of basic shooting skills with both the handgun and the  carbine. The first day will focus on using the pistol while carrying the carbine and associated equipment. During the remaining four days, each student will learn the fundamentals of carbine marksmanship while maintaining the Pistol option.

IST Academy instructors will present increasingly difficult tactical drills to develop superior handling skills with both weapons.

Students will leave with a good understanding of shooting fundamentals and how to apply them in a tactical situation.

This program is ideal for those wishing to enter the role of a PMC/PSD in High Risk zones, giving such candidates a competitive edge before in theatre pre deployment selection training.