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IST Academy Specialist security training for Close Protection SIA approved

This 24 day Level 4 Hostile Environment Close Protection Operatives program is an extension of the SIA required standard 12 day course.

The course is aimed at those wishing to advance themselves with this specialized niche within the security industry, those wishing to gain employment in HR zones, those working the executive circuit wishing to broaden their skillset and be capable of ofering guidance and advice to their clients when travelling to High Risk locations on an ad hoc basis.


This course is perfect for those wishing to work in hostile environments and will prepare candidates and advance their knowledge in preparation for a PSD/PMC role.

PSC´s generally run their own “in theatre or pre deployment” induction packages.

This is the perfect course to learn both Low Profile and High Profile skills and drills expected of you in Hostile Environment, therefore giving you a competitive edge when it comes to pre-deployment selection in country.


The individual modules that this program contains are:

  • Level 3 Close Protection (Required for SIA licencing)

  • Level 4 First Person on Scene Intermediate

  • Level 1 Evasive /Defensive Driving for Security

For those who already have the Level 3 SIA linked qualification, the other modules of this program can be taken seperately and paid for as individual units.

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This course is open to everyone, however the reality is that an individual with no services background is highly unlikey to gain employment in Hostile Environments.




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