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This 24 day Level 4 Hostile Environment Close Protection Operatives program is an extension of the SIA required standard 12 day course.

The course is aimed at those wishing to advance themselves with this specialized niche within the security industry, those wishing to gain employment in HR zones, those working the executive circuit wishing to broaden their skillset and be capable of ofering guidance and advice to their clients when travelling to High Risk locations on an ad hoc basis.

This course is perfect for those wishing to work in hostile environments and will prepare candidates and advance their knowledge in preparation for a PSD/PMC role.

PSC´s generally run their own “in theatre or pre deployment” induction packages.

This is the perfect course to learn both Low Profile and High Profile skills and drills expected of you in Hostile Environment, therefore giving you a competitive edge when it comes to pre-deployment selection in country.


Hostile Environment Close Protection Operative

The individual modules that this Level 4 HECPO program contains are:


   - Level 3 Close Protection (Required for SIA licencing)

   - Level 3 First Person on Scene Intermediate

   - Level 2 Dual Platform firearms competency for PMC´s

   - Level 1 Secure Driving



For those who already have the Level 3 SIA linked qualification, the other modules of this program can be taken seperately and paid for as individual units.

Please Contact Us for further details


This course is open to everyone, however the reality is that an individual with no services background is highly unlikey to gain employment in Hostile Environments.

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Training Location

Fully Residential


IST Academy Close Protection program is held in the picturesque town of Llança on Spains Costa Brava.


Set where the Mediterranean meets the Pyrenees, Llanca is situated 15KM from the French border and 150 KM from Barcelona.


Considered to be one of the most beautiful and upspoilt regions of Spain, this is a perfect location for our program, with fantastic amenities close by but little distraction.


Our Firearms Partner in Slovakia is located a short distance from the capital, Bratislava.

What´s Included?

for €3350


  • Return Flights to/from Spain  

  • Transfers to Training Location

  • Accommodation

  • Food

  • Insurance

  • Exam/Certification Fees



Flights from European cities serving Barcelona or Girona airports,

(Home city -BCN, BCN-SK, SK-Home City)

Breakfast is self service,

lunch is a selection of subway style wraps and rolls

dinner is pasta, rice and potato dishes with veg and various meats.

vegetarians and Halal catered for




 Topics Covered

Program Contents


LEVEL 3 Close Protection Program

Level 3 FPOS-I Program


Firearms Contains:

- Advanced weapon skills

- Convoy – EMBUS / DEBUS

- Force-on-force attack drills

- Attack recognition

- Weapon familiarization

- High risk foot formations

- High risk secure advance

- Radio procedures

- Hostile Surveillance Awareness

- High risk urban movements

- Anti-terrorism awareness

- PSD team SOP's on attack

- Attack simulation on foot    formations

- Attack simulation on foot and  vehicle formations

Program Details

A brief outline


Duration: 24 Days


Delivery: Lecture and Practical


Class size: 5-10


Prerequisites: None


Accreditation: BTEC Level 3 Award in Close Protection

FPOS-I Level 3 Award

Secure Driving Level 1 Award

HECPO Level 4 Award


Suggested Kit:

  • Casual clothing

  • rainproof

  • dress suit, cargo pants

  • running shoes

  • sports clothing

  • groin protection

  • gum shiel

  • laptop

For firearms Module.

  • Sturdy belt

  • Jacket

  • Good boots

  • Baseball cap


2019 Schedule

As already mentioned above the price of our HECPO program is €3350.

A €300 deposit is required to reserve places.


To reserve your place, simply click on the program date of your choice

This will bring you through to our bookings page where you can pay the €300 deposit required to guarantee your place on your chosen program. 

Alternatively, if you do not wish to pay online, please contact us directly for alternative methods

Nov 14- Dec 5
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Specialist Training Provider

"Intelligencnt Intelligence"